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Our concept

OUR concept

    Adaozãn , is a brand of artisanal jewelry and accessories, handmade with care in France, from recycled bottles.

We give new life to all glass bottles, empty and ready to be thrown away, thanks to a process that allows them to be given a new shape. What you need to know is that one of the main characteristics of glass is that it is infinitely recyclable if it is brought to the appropriate temperature. So, rather than getting ready-to-work glass, we were inspired by our student memories and decided to use those bottles that everyone systematically throws away at the recycling point that always seems too far away. After several tests, since the glass of bottles turned out to be capricious, we developed techniques to be able to transform and sublimate it.


Once we figured out how to reuse it came the design phase where we chose to focus on shapes that we could incorporate into jewelry, because, perhaps out of nostalgia or joy, it allows us to keep a memory of these always convivial moments spent around these bottles.


Whether it is the bottle for your wedding, the baptism of your child or the one that celebrated your diploma, it immortalizes this moment and makes it a precious and refined object, which will make these wonderful moments of joy and conviviality last over time. 


who are we?

    We are a young couple from Brittany, Mathilde and Yann, who set out to discover the world of glass in Lorraine.

It all started when one day we met by chance over a bottle of beer, during an evening with friends during our studies in Brittany.

We have never left each other since and over time the desire came to build something together. Mathilde, an artist at heart, discovered the work of glass with a blowtorch and became passionate about this material. Our project thus comes from the fusion between the creative profile of Mathilde and that of Yann of an enterprising nature. This is how one evening during a discussion the idea of reusing all this raw material that we have available in a corner of our kitchen and which could know a second life. We have therefore decided to invest ourselves by creating a committed company by participating in our own way in the dynamism of our generation to preserve our planet. So, you might as well combine business with pleasure!

Our engagements

    This is an approach that seems essential to us in 2022, at a time when the planet seems to have to support enough production. So what could be more satisfying than participating in our own way, even on a very small scale, in reducing our impact on waste?

The glass we use comes exclusively from recycled bottles (and some recovered industrial glass objects). Our color palette is therefore limited to existing bottles, but this is not a constraint since we voluntarily seek to trace the origin of our recycled product. It makes it even more appealing even since we are always on the lookout for new bottle colors!

We are also attentive to these issues and, for example, favor recycled materials to pack as much as possible. Our packaging, business cards and stickers are made from recycled paper.

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